Hi there, and welcome to my site “The Maltese Database.” I’m Tony, and I made this site partly as a tribute to my Maltese cross, Rosie, who sadly passed away in 2016. She was with me for literally more than half my life, and I had learned much from playing, caring, and looking after her from since I was young.

I also created this website because I felt like not everyone out there who has the honor to include a dog in their family did so in an ideal, educated way. I know this because we picked her up from an owner who had wandered into our family supermarket looking for people to adopt the last puppy in the litter. We grabbed her for cheap (<$150) on an impulse when we were not even actively looking to include a pet in our household. And what a decision it was – there was never a day in 14 years where we felt regret raising her as part of the family.

Nowadays, the wealth and quality of information on the internet is something a lot of us take for granted. People can come by any information they want as long as they know what to search on their smartphone. I did not have this luxury when I got my Maltese puppy and I had to learn many things from books, mistakes, and visits to the vet.

A part of my desire to make this site, therefore, is to also catalog a compilation of my findings or learnings – no matter how small, stupid, or silly the question might be, because I am sure I’d have thought of it as an 8 years old clutching my first tiny puppy.

I hope you find whichever resource you find on this website to be of genuine use, and I look forward to receiving any feedback, photos, or questions you’d like to see answered. I’m most easily reached through the contact form in this link here and while I do not always have the time to answer every email I receive, I assure you that I do read them!

Thank you for visiting MalteseDB.com and I hope you enjoy your visit. Come back soon!